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Blooming Plants & Flowering Plants

Depend on our lush, flowering plants to make someone's day. Surprise someone special today with one of our long-lasting, colorful blooming plants.
Flowering Plants

Cut flowers aren’t the only blooms to brighten a household or office. Flowering plants give friends and loved ones a shot of daily, natural joy. With minimal care, flowering house plants reward owners with lovely blooms and the curiosity of watching buds bloom and fronds grow before their eyes.

You may be surprised at how long indoor flowering plants bloom. The azalea, mum, calendula, gardenia and potted mini tea roses bloom for weeks. The hydrangea will bloom for months. Orchids and amaryllis flowers can live up to two months or more depending on the variety. Imagine having these flowers in your home livening up the place even in the middle of winter.

Where families once had to wait until spring to see flowers either inside or out, now they can buy rose plants, orchid plants, azaleas and more from countries below the equator where the growing season starts in October (their spring) and lasts until March when fall starts turning the leaves. There flowers and plants sprout, bloom and whither in the opposite months than in the Northern hemisphere. In fact, air fare to countries like New Zealand starts climbing in October when people start planning on how to escape Northern hemisphere cold from November to March. If you can’t live without garden flowers during that period, you can bring plants in bud shipped from Southern Hemisphere countries in November, December, January and March.

For those finicky types, there is a large selection of flowering plants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for roses, azaleas, orchids, or amaryllis plants, we’ve got you covered. Your hardest choice might just be what color to choose. Many flowering plants are known to have a blooming season (e.g. orchids) and may not be in bloom all year long. Read the care instructions closely to determine how the flowering plant will arrive (many arrive in bud form) and for how long they expect to stay in bloom for.

Gardeners and hostesses love flowering house plants

More often than not, caring for flower plants will not change depending on the season. However, if you plan on repotting these plants, watch for which zones of the country that flowering plant you like most will thrive. Weather, temperature and light can all affect how a flowering plant does over time. Many potted flowers can be transplanted outside. Gardenias, azaleas and hydrangeas actually thrive outside, but it’s wise to plant them in spring so they have a chance to get established before winter’s cold sets in.

While etiquette is not as established in the United States as it may be in other countries, often families feel obligated to bring a gift when invited to someone’s home for a meal or celebration. Why not make that gift a fresh plant? After all, unlike fresh flowers, the hostess won’t have to hunt around for a vase, the right water, etc. She can just put it in a window and let it thrive. A flowering house plant brings in all the color that cut flowers do after all.

Flowering plants are a great choice for the flower lover in your life. They very often have much longer life spans than traditional flower blooms which have been removed from the parent plant. The expected length in bloom can vary widely and some of the flowering plants offered may only bloom once but become healthy green plants and can be easy to care for.

ProPlants’ our 100% satisfaction guarantee give shoppers the confidence that they will get the most for their money when ordering through ProPlants. Our customer service department is filled with representatives ready to help you with anything from plant care to returns to orders.

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