Asiatic Lily Flowers

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Known for its low maintenance gardening requirements, the Asiatic Lily is an extremely popular flower for gardeners, florists and flower buyers alike. It is the strongest of all the lily species and is always the first to bloom in the spring, continuing to blossom through the summer.

Being a perennial flower, once the Asiatic lily is planted it should bloom seasonally for years. When planting, place this flower in full sun and fertile, moist, well-drained soil (as the case with most flowers). It is generally not picky about the type of soil it lives in, as long as the previously mentioned criteria are met. When buddings occur, look out for rabbits and slugs. They tend to feed off these flowers, especially to new shoots. Also, when the flowers have bloomed carefully remove “dead heads” so the flower can concentrate all of its energy on ripe, blossoming flower heads and seed reproduction. If interested in multiplying the Asiatic lily in your garden, it is recommended to divide the bulbs every 3-4 years.

Found all over the world for centuries, there are over 100 species in the lily family, and the Asiatic lily is one of them. This particular lily species is of the genus Lilium Asiatic and the family Liliaceae. It has been one of the most admired lilies, not only for its looks but for its uses as well. Used medicinally, Romans cured corn from the bulbs juice of this flower, and Spaniards thought by eating a petal it would restore the mind of someone who had gone insane.

Coming in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, red, and pink, the Asiatic lily is a popular flower used, ironically, in both weddings and funerals. It also has significant meaning in other common festivities. Send lilies to celebrate any birthday in May, because it is the official birth flower for this month. Or send a bright arrangement to observe a 30th wedding anniversary since it is the formal flower for this event.

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