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Plant gifts are living gifts that keep on giving. Select from our many unique plant gifts…we have something for every taste and budget.
Potted Fragrant Gardenia
$49.99 $39.99
Easter Brunch Teacup Orchid
$34.99 $29.99
Guardian Angel Tree
$34.99 $29.99
Braided Money Tree
$39.99 $34.99
Spring Bee
$34.99 $29.99
Deluxe Succulent Garden
$49.99 $39.99
Airplant Terrarium Globe
$29.99 $24.99
7 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo
$39.99 $34.99
Potted Yellow Rose
$39.99 $34.99
Succulent Garden
$39.99 $34.99
Honor Tree
Scent with Love
$49.99 $34.99
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