Cypress TreeOur Miniature Cypress Trees can be kept inside for short periods of time (such as a holiday season), and are hardy in most zones.  Fragrant and slow-growing, these are healthy trees that provide Mediterranean style to any garden.

European Cypress & Lemon Cypress Trees

Grown in the Pacific Northwest

Best Indoors or Out: It will thrive indoors or outside, but does not tolerate exposure to heaters, freezing temperatures, direct sun or wind

Light: Prefers partial shade or four hours of bright, indirect light

Temperature: Moderate (normal indoor temperatures)

Water: Water immediately upon receipt. Afterwards, water regularly to keep soil moist but not soggy. In hot, dry weather water deeply once a week.

Fertilizer:  After the last spring frost, feed with a well-balanced, granular fertilizer

Growth  Mature height 15 feet, with 3 foot girth 

Re-potting: Re-pot every year in well-draining acid soil. Early Spring is the best time to re-pot and transplant. Re-pot it into an increment of 2" pots. Example: if currently in a 6" pot transplant it to an 8" pot the following year.

Planting Outside: Best to plant in early Spring to allow tree to become established before the heat

USDA Gardening Zones: Zones 5 -11