Potted rosesROSE PLANTS 
We ship special varieties of miniature rose bushes which are known for their long lasting blooms.  These varieties are very hardy and drought-tolerant once established, and can be planted outside in many zones, or kept on a sunny windowsill or patio, or indoors in colder climates.

Best Indoors or Outdoors dependent on zone.

Light:  Bright light.  Direct sun outdoors

Temperature:  Mild temperatures or moderate, normal home temperatures

Water: Maintain moist soil, do not let soil dry out or stand in water

Fertilizer:   Mild household fertilizer every 3-4 weeks

Growth:   Can grow between 1-3 feet tall, depending on the variety (miniatures range is 8”-15”)

Blooming:  Blooms last about 4 weeks, then bloom occasionally throughout the year

Repotting:   Repot when rootbound

Planting Outside: Plant outside spring through fall in full sun

Zones:  4-5