The Peace Lily genus has about 40 different species thriving in tropical regions around the world. The Peace Lily is the most commonly delivered and bought species of the Lily plant family in the U.S.  Its name alone suggests a sentiment of wellness and healing, or being at peace with ones’ self or one’s recent trauma, loss, etc.  The gorgeous Peace Lily’s widespread interior use is due to the plant’s exceptional acclimation to low light conditions and air cleaning qualities. There are many cultivars in production today, and the plant is classified into large, medium and small varieties. The evergreen perennial shows off large leaves, silky white flowers and, surprisingly, doesn’t need excessive water or light to survive. This plant is commonly delivered in beautiful pots and baskets from ProPlants during Easter and/or for the office.

Peace Lily PlantBest Indoors

Light: Prefers medium, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate lower lighting environments.

Temperature: Moderate (normal indoor temperatures)

Water: Keep soil moist. In summer keep moderately moist and spray occasionally using tepid, soft water. Water somewhat less in winter.

Fertilizer: Fertilizing is not usually necessary; however, if desired, feed lightly with house plant food from spring to fall.

Growth: Can grow 24-40 inches (deluxe plants can grow 32-50 inches)

Blooming:  The white blooms of the Peace Lily bud and flower year-round. Each bloom is long-lasting.  When blooms fade there may be a period of non-blooming before the plant starts producing flowers again.

Re-potting: Re-pot the Peace Lily when roots are apparent

Planting Outside: Keep peace lily indoors only

USDA Gardening Zones: Indoors only