KalanchoeProPlants delivers a beautiful variety of flowering plants, including Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Gardenias and Campanula. All of our varieties make the best houseplants and will re-bloom each year, given they receive proper care and are planted/grown under the best conditions (see below). Depending on zones, some of ProPlants’ flowering plant varieties will thrive outdoors. The zone for each type is listed below.

Kalanchoe originates from asia, grown in the USA

Best Indoors

Light:  Medium, indirect sunlight

Temperature: Moderate (normal home temperatures);

Water: Keep soil moist. Careful not to over water.

Fertilizer:  Every 3-4 months with a flowering houseplant fertilizer.

Growth: Usually grow to about 12-22” tall

Blooming: Blooms last 3-4 weeks and bloom semi-annually.

Re-potting: repotting is usually not necessary, but can be repotted when it outgrows current pot

Planting Outside: Indoor Only

USDA Gardening Zones:  Indoor Only