Orange Bromeliad

Bromeliads are another popular flowering plant choice for those who seek a beautiful addition to their indoor décor. The blooming Bromeliad is widely known by plant-lovers; when these plants are in full bloom they take many different shapes and sizes. Some are thin and others are flat and broad. Some feel sticky while others are soft. These leaves, when in bloom, can be different colors; maroon is the most common color. Other colors are red, yellow, white and cream shades. ProPlants is proud to send the freshest varieties for any occasion. They are a lovely complement to a colorful kitchen!

Best Indoors

Light: Medium-High light, natural light preferred, no direct sun

Temperature: Moderate (normal indoor temperatures)

Water: Water about once a week but do not soak

Fertilizer: Able to use granular in small amount

Growth: Not much difference in the size when purchased

Blooming:  Blooms last about 3 months, and do not re-bloom. They produce pups that will bloom after a couple years if provided correct conditions.

Re-potting: Re-potting Bromeliads is not necessary

Planting Outside: In subtropical type climates, plant in permanent shade

USDA Gardening Zones: Zone 11