Pink Rose WreathMany people associate wreaths with the frosty days of December, which seem extremely distant now that the scorching temperatures are coming into the fold. There's no unwritten rule that says wreathes can't be used during the heat of summer, or that Christmas is the only time of year to hang them. These unique plants are known for bringing cheer to homes, and there is no time restraint for festive moods. Aside from serving as a splendid decoration for the front door, warmly welcoming guests to the home, wreathes can be hung from any void on the living room wall or mantle space. If you'd like to please a spouse or friend of the family with a flowery arrangement that can inspire joy on a year-round basis, an illustrious wreath is a great option.

We all like to appreciate the good things in life, especially during the summer, and Italian herbs practically define the word "savor." The Fields of Tuscany Wreath is an exquisite medley of lavender, safflower, bay, sage and marjoram that can inspire anyone to close her eyes and imagine standing in the middle of an illustrious Italian vineyard. This gift would softly breathe a vibe of relaxation to any visitor of the recipient's home, making it an ideal gift for a new neighbor or close friend.

There's quite possibly nothing like the fresh, soapy fragrance of lavender and the satisfying sensation it inspires. The Love and Lavender Wreath is a fresh arrangement of lavender from Coastal California, making a terrific aromatic addition for the living room. For husbands out there who are seeking the perfect plant for their wife, this fabulous wreath might be the optimal choice.

Even though Independence Day has already passed us by, we still have one more national holiday to look forward to before the summer officially ends - Labor Day. The American Anthem Wreath is a mixture of seeded Eucalyptus and birch branches with a Star Spangled ribbon that could keep the patriotic spirit of the Fourth of July alive for a few more months.

Wreathes make pleasant decorations for traditional homes, no matter what season it is. So there's no reason to wait until Christmas rolls around to send plants online to either yourself or a lucky recipient.