Lit Up PlantIf you're looking for a time of the year that's best for house parties, now just might be the perfect opportunity. Although summer is great for its warm and predictable weather, which might be better for cookouts or pool parties, temperatures are sometimes more accommodating in September and October. Worst case scenario, your guests may have to wear a light jacket. Besides, there are plenty of holiday occasions on the horizon, and they set the tone for house gatherings. Since there will definitely be more family events coming up, you might want to start considering some housewarming plants for the party hosts. Certain items can definitely add a little more flair to the household and encourage family bonding during this joyful time of year.

Potted plant gifts are definitely an optimal choice for the interior of the home when the weather is too cold for certain flowers. If you've been invited to an upcoming Halloween or costume party this month, it might be a good idea to endow the host with a unique Oktoberfest arrangement. This gift usually comes in a large German-style beer mug that can easily give virtually any table an outdoor festival vibe.

If there's one plant that can spruce up practically any room of the house, a bonsai tree might be the best way to go. These plants and their spiraling but durable branches are incredibly eye-catching, making a great filler for the corner of the living room that could use a little more detail. It can also be a strong gesture of friendship to your recipient, making it great to give before the holidays.

If you are looking for an item that can easily segue into Thanksgiving and Christmas, a Guardian Angel Tree, which is usually a beautifully-adorned miniature cypress tree, can serve as a symbol of goodwill and spread a little holiday cheer. This gift is great in the sense that it can either function as an extra Christmas tree or welcome party guests in the front yard. The cypress tree requires little to no care, and it can easily survive a hard winter in the outdoors.

With more and more parties coming into the fold this fall, why not buy some potted plants that can make these events a bit livelier?