Pink Azalea TopiaryWhile the fall season inspires plenty of splendor, the stress can sometimes mount at work, especially the closer it gets to the holidays. If you have a loving wife who's bound to turn into Mrs. Hyde in the coming months, you might want to woo her with a romantic wine-and-dine to take a load off her shoulders. In this case, you'll certainly need some plants for her that can serve as the perfect opening act to a night of enchantment. After all, beautiful floral arrangements are usually the best way to gain the upper hand through the element of surprise.

It's safe to say that red rose plants are usually the standard way to win a woman's heart, but there are several ways you can spin it. You can always opt for a bundle of fresh-picked red roses and cut the flowers from the stems to leave a trail of blossoms from the entrance of your house to the dinner table (while a delightful candle-lit feast is already prepared). Whatever you do, unless she loves you for your wacky humor, don't try to imitate American Beauty on your bed!

On the other hand, you can take the cliché yet always-appreciated route of having a bundle of red roses sent to her office on the day of a major deadline. Not only will this give her a glimmer of hope when the work load piles up, but it can also be the perfect segue to a congratulatory date night to commemorate her career accomplishment.

If you want something more wholesome and versatile to give your stressed-out wife, perhaps potted mini red roses are the best choice. For one thing, there might be plenty of relatives on the way for Thanksgiving, so this can be a wonderful way to put her a little more at ease knowing that she has a joyous holiday decoration for her dining room table. However, if you're going for both the romantic and decorative angle, don't feel like you are limited to red. Potted yellow and autumn roses might be more appropriate before Christmas, but white roses are fitting for practically any time of year. Besides, the whites symbolize purity - so these might be more appropriate if you want to commemorate a long-lasting relationship with your beloved.

Although a simple neck massage and extra help around the house can go a long way toward calming a stressed wife, there's quite possibly nothing as heart-warming as a surprise arrangement of roses.