Double Stemmed OrchidAlthough many of us may be reluctant to give our bosses a gift for any given occasion, sometimes we need to step back and realize that they might be under just as much pressure as the typical worker. With Bosses Day around the corner, you might be trying to figure out a way to commemorate the occasion. Bosses Day gifts can be used for two basic purposes - to get on your boss's good side or simply to show your appreciation. However, the gift you choose reveals your intentions, so be sure to get something that shows how sincere you are about expressing your gratitude. Otherwise, you'll just look like the typical brown noser. If you want to endow your boss with a gift that he will actually take home, you might want to consider your options.

Some choose to be subtle about business-related gifts. In this case, a simple box of chocolates or a nice ballpoint pen might suffice. On the other hand, others choose to get a little carried away in hopes of an advance - in which case, an expensive Rolex will likely be the best way to go. Many of the cliché gifts might simply go unnoticed, while the flashy presents will raise a few eyebrows and prompt some gossip. The perfect compromise between the two might just be an eye-catching arrangement of flowers.

Potted plants are always a safe choice for bosses, as they can either be used in the office or taken home. If you opt for roses, stick to pink or white, which can reveal good intentions. Red roses are nice, but the message could be taken the wrong way since it's typically thought of as the lovers' flower.

Orchids might just be the most brilliant choice. These sizable flowers present an awe-inspiring aura of authority and purity, providing a minimalist flair to practically any room in the house or in the office. The long green stems and colorful blooms often create a spectacle that catches the attention of practically any passer-by.

In the office, it might be more customary to send plant gifts. If you present a hefty bouquet in person, it seems almost too intimate. On the other hand, an arrangement in the mail with a personalized letter might exhibit the necessary amount of professionalism.