Housewarming SignWhile it's sometimes hard to watch them grow up, it's definitely a good feeling when your children take the next big step in their lives and prepare for the transition to adulthood. Many of us wish we could simply relive our college days all over again and remember what it was like to experience self discovery and occasional frivolity. This is the period of your child's life when she will begin to develop lifelong friendships, figure out her ultimate goals and expand her personality in ways that will likely establish who she is as an adult.

If your beloved daughter has recently moved into a new college apartment, you might want to help her exhibit a personal identity with housewarming plants and other decorative items. First and foremost, you must take her likes and dislikes into consideration before choosing which route to take.

A bright and excitable personality typically calls for floral arrangements that boast a wide range of colors and leaf patterns. However, you must remember that your daughter is a college student. Although you may love the huge plumes of potted blue hydrangeas, she will likely be more appreciative of plant gifts that are a little more contemporary in nature. This calls for items that can easily complement a minimalist room. Seasonal roses might just be one of the best ways to go, especially since autumn is on the brink. These are the perfect match for a personality that's already in full bloom, and they are great for both traditional and contemporary interior designs.

Purple OrchidA daughter who has a sophisticated train of thought will likely only be impressed by unique plant gifts that can remind her of classic literature or exotic environments - the luxuries that life has to offer. In this case, orchid gardens or pink calla lilies have long stems and flowers with intricate patterns that can be extremely appealing for even the most hard-to-please individuals. These captivating plants also seem to have a majestic ability to put the mind at ease, as if they allow recipients to travel to an imaginary paradise. If you'd rather go for something subtler, a simple good fortune money tree might just be the best decorative incentive to encourage her success and infuse her home with a touch of greenery.

No matter which style you choose to go for, no college daughter would ever refuse an herb garden that can liven up the kitchen a bit - all while helping her become a better cook!