Herb GardenAnyone who takes cooking seriously will likely have at least one of her cabinets stuffed with containers of herbs and spices to give her a wide variety of culinary options. After all, what would a filet mignon be like without a touch of ground peppercorns and perhaps a hint of rosemary? What would a fresh pumpkin pie be like without the unique sweetness of allspice? However, the best chefs also know that herbs and spices can make a much more significant impact on the tastebuds when they are fresh and not sealed inside of a container for months.

If you have a wife who always enjoys spoiling her family with rich and sumptuous foods, there are several indoor or outdoor garden plants for her that can eliminate the need to eat out on Friday nights. Furthermore, certain herb gardens can also serve as housewarming plants and brighten the vibe of a front porch or kitchen.

Rosemay Tree

The month of October is known for constantly fluctuating temperatures, so you might want to stick with miniature potted herb gardens that can fit in a void on the kitchen counter or perhaps even on a windowsill where they can get the most sunlight to grow more rapidly. Although there will likely only be so much room in the house, your wife will surely be glad to have even the most basic fresh herbs, such as basil, oregano, thyme, sage and rosemary. After all, with holiday feasts like Thanksgiving on the horizon, she will certainly need spices and herbs that can help whet every family member's appetite and have them coming back for seconds!

If your kitchen boasts a traditional look that saves plenty of room for greenery, buy your wife an assorted herb garden that comes fully-grown in a basket. A gift such as this can be hung in front of a large kitchen window to give the room an cozy flair while making every meal that much tastier. Another unique option that's more seasonally appropriate might be a rosemary Christmas tree. Although every family typically feels inclined to put a large Christmas tree in the living room, there are often other places in the house that can use some cheerful holiday décor.

When searching for gifts that can boost your wife's cooking, why not make two gifts into one by opting for herbal plant gardens?