Dear Friends,

Our story may not be sexy, but it’s the stuff of which great companies are made. We started the ProFlowers brand in 1998 as a way to send fresher flowers to loved ones faster and for less money than brick and mortar retail florists. By uprooting the traditional supply chain, we were the first to offer one dozen roses for under $30 online and we haven’t stopped pushing the envelope since. We soon diversified and ProPlants was born.

While traditional providers were using antiquated technology: telephones, wire services and mail-in order forms to get gifts from one destination to another, we were mastering the art of growing the best plants and adding the science of an revolutionary online experience. Since that first plant was sold, we have continued to innovate, design, create and absolutely love what we do.

As the Senior Product Designer for ProPlants, you have my promise that we will make your experience the best that we can. I won’t promise that we will be perfect all the time, but I can promise that we will do anything and everything we can to make your gifting experience a success. We will always encourage and appreciate your feedback and we will use it to continue to get better every day.

Let us be part of the gifting experience and we will show you what our promise is all about. From exclusive plants and containers to other unique gifts from our Family of Brands, there is a little something for everyone (maybe even yourself). We know that by making you the hero, we’ve done our job well and in turn will earn your on-going loyalty and ambassadorship. In the mean time, take a look around, send that special someone a gift and let us know how we can continue to improve your experience.